Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yarn Reviews

Patons Voodoo- This yarn is visually beautiful on the skein but knits up rather clumsily even on big needles. It sheds something fierce, and when done looks somewhat like you lazily skinned a muppet. Due to it's bulky nature and somewhat spastic tufts of fur the only garment it is really suitible for is a scarf. I wouldn't reccomend this yarn to anyone. 0 out of 5 stars.

Red Heart Symphony- This is a hairy yarn that knits up nicely on large needles. Scarves can be worked up that are light and airy but still have that warm and cuddly feel. The colors are not flat but hued. Red with small pieces of green. Some have a somewhat heathered look. The yarn is rather fairly priced compared to similar yarn of the same type. While it appears is may be one of those novelty yarns that are difficult to work with this is simply not the case. I would reccomend this yarn. **** 4 out of 5 stars.

Soy Wool Stripes- I am in love with this yarn. It is so soft, beautiful, and wonderful to work with. The colorways are excellent. It is a bit expensive for a "craft store" yarn but you can get a hat out of a single skein. Many of the patterns in my blog use this yarn because it is so wonderful to work with. ***** 5 out of 5 stars.

TLC Amore- When I first bought this yarn I thought it was so pretty. Then I went to knit a hat with it and hated it, there is almost no stretch in this yarn. It looked lacy on needles you would normally use with a worsted weight yarn. I put it away for a while. I picked the yarn back up again when I decided to Knit a 5 hour baby sweater in it, and it was gorgeous. So make sure you think about the type of project you are doing and what you want out of a yarn for that project before purchasing it. *** 3 out of 5 stars.



Marti said...

That voodoo yarn is really weird. I have a bunch of it I got at a dollar store. My daughter knit legwarmers out of it for a caveman skit she did and they were darling.

Marti said...

I like the SWS for felting. It felts very firm but I don't care for the one ply for hats etc.

Cris said...

I have to agree on the Voodoo yarn. Ick! I love the SWS, too. I knit a scarf on the diagonal with two skeins. The striping looks so delicate. I love it.

Miss Becca said...

I ABSOLUTLY agree with the TLC Amore. I bought it to knit my son a froggy toy, lost the pattern and tried using it for something else. Didnt even look cute. But Im using it right now to knit a pillow and it looks amazing!!!

Filkster said...

Right on with the Voodoo, (ick!) however I did find a use for it. I cast on about 30 stitches and I am knitting a bathmat. I will make it double thick and put nonskid stuff on one side. I am fairly pleased with the way it will turn out so I went and bought some beige color for another one in my daughters bathroom!

Kody May said...

Love the Bathmat Idea!

tammiemarie said...

I have to say, I like the voodoo yarn! I made a garter stitch scarf out of the deep brown, and the tufts worked into a diagonal pattern that I really like. I haven't noticed any shedding, either, so I hope it stays that way! I also liked the symphony. I combined it with another soft acrylic and knit an open lacy stitch scarf.

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