Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kiah's Cutie Lace Bonnet

Sweet little Kiah. Bonnets are about the easiest kind of hat to make. Plus they look super cute. It's lots of fun having nieces to make hats for! Randy enjoys holding Kiah up to model too as you can tell from the picture. The sun here is Guyana is pretty intense and cotton hats help keep the sun off the little ones skin.

Kiah is 5 months
Size 6 Needles
Worsted Weight Cotton

I made this little bonnet for my niece Kiah. The stitch work is super simple and easy to memorize but the effect is really quite beautiful. I had never work with this stitch before but I loved it and hope to design an adult beanie with it in the future. Maybe even a matching adult Bonnet!

Cast on 60 sts
Work 2 Rows Garter (Plain Knitting)
Work the following rows keeping the first and last three stitches in garter stitch, if it helps you, you may want to place a stitch marker three stitches in from each end and work the pattern rows between the markers. Otherwise just make sure you don't include the beginning knits or rows in the garter stitch edge. For example on row 2 you do the K3 border, plus the K2, for a total of 5 knit stitches before the first Slip 1.
R1: Purl
R2: Knit
R3: K2, *Slip 1 WYIB, K1* repeat from * to * across
R4: *K1, Slip 1 WYIF* repeat from * to * ending K2.
R5: K1, *YO, K2tog* repeat from * to * ending K1.
R6: Purl

Repeat these 6 rows 5 more times for a total of 6 repeats then decrease as follows:
*K8, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K7, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K6, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K5, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K4, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K3, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K2, K2tog* across
Knit Across
*K1, K2tog* across
Knit Across
K2tog across
Bind off, and sew up the little back seam. Weave in ends and add ties of your choice. I did a simple crochet chain but perhaps if I were in the US a little ribbon?

Make one for yourself, a friend, or charity, but do not make them for profit. If you would like to share this pattern share the link and not the pattern itself. Take care and Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

What a cute bonnet...and Kiah is a cutie, too! How nice to have a niece you can knit 'girly, frilly' for!

Anonymous said...

I love all your patterns. So creative! Everytime I'm browsing around internet patterns, I always end up at your site. Thanks for sharing.
Take care,
Rachael G.

staceygriff said...

very cute. I love the hat. I also had to make a comment because I have a 16 year old daughter with the same name and same spelling. Kiah is a beautiful name.

His Wife said...

This pattern was so wonderful! I ended up knitting it on size 4 needles and made a size for a newborn. I used white cotton yarn and threaded lavender ribbon through the holes on each side and through the front row. It really came out beautiful! I will upload a picture as soon as I can!

~*~ Karen ~*~ said...

This is so pretty! I love the look of first section of stitches. Can you post a pic of the back of the bonnet? I'm pretty sure I got the seam right.

I used P&C worsted cotton and I have a picture :-D This took me about 2.5 hours. Very Very Nice! Thank you for sharing


Anonymous said...

Row 4 needs to be the end of that row should be P2! This must be a misprint.

Anonymous said...

do you still do the knit three on the edges when you are decreasing stitches by K2TOG at the end?

just want to make sure that I do it right.


Kody said...

The decrease is done in garter stich so all stiches are knit

Anonymous said...

I cannot figure out the seam. I just seamed up the cast off stitches in a circle. But not suer if the pattern is meant to be seamed along the rest of the edge to the bend in the pattern? Anyone have a picture of the seam?


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