Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You Stole My Heart Band

You Stole My Heart Band!
This is a wide headband with beads knitted into it to form a heart. They are the smaller size pony beads if you've ever seen those. My favorite thing about it is that the beads do not need to be prestrung! You add them on as you knit to allow more creativity!! I decided to call it the You Stole My Heart Band because there have been many attempts to steal it in the 24 hours since I made it. As always feel free to make one, but please do not sell them. And if you want to share the pattern share the link and not the pattern itself.

  • Heavy Worsted Yarn
  • 24 of the Smaller Sized Pony Beads
  • Size 8 11" or 16" circular needles or dpn's
  • Size 1 steel crochet hook or any size you can use to string your beads.
  • 1 stitch marker to show beg/end of row

Important Note: I will now attempt to describe how to put the beads into your knitting. You put the bead on the hook end of your crochet hook. When you get to the stitch the bead goes on you grab the stitch with the crochet hook, take it off the needle, slide the bead from the crochet hook down onto the stitch and transfer the stitch back onto the left needle. When you have done this you will need to knit this stitch to secure the bead. The abbreviation for adding the bead and then knitting the stitch Will be (PB) Meaning Place Bead. Hope that was kind of clear. Now for the pattern.

Cast On 80 stitches and join in round (Place the marker between the first and last stitches so that you know when you reach the end of a round):

Knit 5 rounds K1, P1, ribbing

K 2 rows

HR(Heart Row)1: K7, PB, *Knit the rest of the row*

HR2: K6, PB, K1, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR3: K5, PB, K3, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR4: K4, PB, K5, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR5: K3, PB, K7, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR6: K2, PB, K9, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR7: K2, PB, K9, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR8: K2, PB, K4, PB, K4, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR 9: K3, PB, K2, PB, K1, PB, K2, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

HR10: K4, PB, PB, K3, PB, PB *Knit the rest of the row*

K 2 rows

K4 rows of K1, P1 ribbing then bind off while still in knit 1 purl 1 ribbing.

Hope you enjoy!