Friday, October 27, 2006

More hats modeled by Randy

The first hat is one of the new Red Heart Worsted Weight Self Striping Yarns. It has blue white and black in it. I believe the colorway is called surf.
The second hat is the one I modeled earlier but Randy decided he wanted to model it too. It's done in brown and blue. Very cozy for warming the ears
The third hat is a black cabled hat that I originally made for Randy's mom but he stole it so I had to make her a different one.
This is a cabled hat done in a single ply handspun wool. It's thick and very warm. It's great for Northern Michigan since wool actually is warmer when wet.
This is a two tone green hat. Red Heart, very basic but in my very Irish family it's an essential for the Non Irish fiancee. Lol

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Anonymous said...

I think you are a gifted knitter! I love everything.