Saturday, November 18, 2006


For some reason I can't get photos to load in the order I want them to on this damn thing. So please bear with me in this mixed up post. This is a drop stitch scarf I made for my mom since her favorite color is green. It's a ribbon type yarn with little patches of sparkly. I believe it's made by No Boundries and sold at Walmart. Mom absolutlely loved it.
This is a close up of a scarf I made for my mom after she bought me some expensive handspun yarn at a craft show from a local Interlochen Spinner. I believe she calls it Stone Sock Yarn. My mom fell in love with this colorway and while I was less than crazy about it she was purchasing and wearing it so it doesn't really effect me and the yarn was really nice and light to work with.
This is a closeup of the green yarn from the first scarf. It's such a beautiful yarn and I wanted to show the sparkly.
The scarf made from the Stone Sock Wool Yarn. It's in drop stitch.
This is a scarf I made to cheer up my little sister after her assanine boyfriend broke up with her. (Of course he broke up with her just as I finished a scarf she asked me to make her in his team colors :x) So pink is always fun and non boyfriend dependent. Plus it was super fast to knit on size 35's. It's made of Baby Clouds and Zing.

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