Monday, November 05, 2007

Revolver Hat Pattern

Revolver Hat Pattern
This is another test pattern I need someone to submit a picture for. Eventually I will make a hat using this pattern for Randy which he insists must be in black and white. As I said before though I am in the middle of a baby boom in my family and am stuck in baby sweater land. However I still wanted to share this neat looking gun I charted. This hat is knit in the round but could easily be switched to back and forth. Remember whoever submits the first picture and allows me to use it on my blog should also include a link to their blog or site in the email so I can credit them for the picture. Thanks and happy knitting.

  • Worsted Weight Yarn in 2 colors (M) Main color (B) Gun Color
  • Size 8 circulars and/or dpns
  • 3 stitch markers (1 of 1 color 2 mark beginning/end of row and 2 of another to mark start end of where gun is knit)
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends

To Make Hat:

Cast on 88 stitches and Join in round. Do desired length of K1, P1 ribbing.

Knit four rows on fifth row knit as follows

K25, PM, K37, PM, K26

For the following rows it is understood that all stitches are knit because the project is in the round. The stitches listed in the rows below are only done between the two markers place in the previous row. You will use the main color to knit to and from the two markers placed in the previous row.

1) M27, B7, M3

2) M27, B9, M1

3) M27, B10

4) M26, B9, M2

5) M26, B9, M2

6) M26, B8, M3

7) M14, B7, M5, B8, M3

8) M13, B2, M5, B1, M4, B8, M4

9) M13, B1, M2, B2, M2, B1, M4, B8, M4

10) M13, B1, M3, B1, M2, B12, M5

11) M12, B2, M3, B1, M1, B12, M6

12) M12, B2, M3, B14, M6

13) M11, B19, M7

14) Same a row 13.

15) M11, B3, M6, B6, M11

16) M10, B4, M6, B6, M11

17) M4, B14, M1, B5, M12

18) M3, B15, M1, B4, M13

19) M1, B12, M6, B7, M10

20) M1, B12, M6, B3, M1, B2, M11

21) M2, B4, M6, B9, M15

22) M2, B2, M14, B2, M16

With main color continue knitting until hat is desired length then begin the decrease rows.

D1) *K9, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D2) *K8, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D3) *K7, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D4) *K6, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D5) *K5, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D6) *K4, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D7) *K3, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D8) *K2, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D9) *K1, K2tog* Repeat from * to *.

D10) K2tog across row

Cut yarn leaving long enough tail to weave through remaining stitches and secure. Weave in all ends. Happy Knitting!

Make one for yourself or a friend but please don't sell them unless 100% of profits go to charity. Please share the link and not the pattern itself. Due to the way I have written this pattern the image of the gun could be knit onto almost any garment simply by following the row instructions where you want them on that object. If you do this please understand that you cannot use the garment as your own pattern as I have charted this gun myself and because it is an image and not a stitch pattern it is copyrighted to me.


Chatty Knitter said...

I just wanted to come out of Lurkville and thank you for your beautiful work. I haven't tried any of your patterns yet, but I have linked you to my blog so others can discover your fabulous stuff for themselves.

Baby sweater land. Eek!

Brooke said...

I knitted the revolver into a hat for my cousin (he is going to be a cop) I found toward the middle of the chart the stitches given don't add up. I tried to chart it on my own, but if I knew how to do that, I would have done it in the first place:) It came out great with a little fudging, but I though you might want to know

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I noticed the link on your site for test knitting patterns! Can I do this even though my camera is going to be down until at least Halloween, if not the 9th of November, if I promise that as soon as it's up I will send you the picture? I have no idea who I will give a "Revolver Hat" to, but I'd love to give back, seeing as how I'm such a big fan of your charts and patterns and am constantly using them (don't worry, I always link back to you on Ravelry and my blog). Let me or knittergoddss on Ravelry. Thanks.