Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Attention Everyone

You may notice patterns not coming up as often as I have little time to design right now. Very busy with the new job, and (non-job-related) horrible evil paperwork I am trying to decipher or perish lol. So I thought in lieu of a pattern I would make sure you are all aware of some great internet knitting resources.
First I am sure most of you are aware by now but for those of you who are not is an awesome website, where you can find patterns, show off your projects, and chat with others about knitting, and any other interest you can tie into knitting. You can add me as a friend on there, I am KodyMayKnits.
The second sight I have recently discovered is They specialize in allowing people to purchase and recieve patterns over the internet easily. I really like this pattern for slippers. This Fair Isle Bear Earflap Hat is adorable! I love this retro hair ornament type hat!
Many people also use to publish their own patterns and books so searching there is great as well!
If you have a website you think others should check out be sure to leave it in the comments section. Happy Knitting!


Jean said...

You are so helpful. I know you love your job, but jeez - you are such a wonderful designer - I wish some design company would just hire you on.

Susie said...

I love all your stuff and my son wants me to make him your Spongebob hat! I'm not experienced enough. Yet. I've added you to my list to receive a copy of an award that I just received. Please come by my blog and grab a copy of the award waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

I just remembered my grandma who was knitting all those table cloth in her sparetime. She would really love this site if she was still aound.

Benny from recette mini cocotte au four 

Sarah said...

Great! Thanks for sharing about this. I would love to practice more about knitting.
Keep it up.

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