Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dreaded Hat

This hat is knit back and forth but could be adjusted to be knit in the round. You may not be able to tell from the picture but the black hat portion is covered in mini cabled braids. You will need 1 skein of a wool yarn for felting and 1 skein in a plain acrylic*

Due to me moving overseas and still wanting people to be able to get the pattern, I have changed from emailing the pattern and using paypal to using to handle the details for me. You can purchase and get the pattern instantly from . Thank you so very much!


Marti said...

What a cool hat. May have to have that for my collection. I love hats and love knitting hats. I think you do a great job in designing!
Wow! Randy has some tats going there doesn't he?

Kody May said...

Thanks! Yeah he has a lot of tattoos and right now he's planning on getting a huge one across his back and one more on his arm. I like his back the way it is but I'm afraid he's addicted. He's gonna get the tattoo I always wanted. Angel wings on his back. Wish he were a little more angelic. lol

Marti said...

Tattoos are very addicting. I have several myself. Its been quite a while since I got one. My best friend got one and I started planning my next one. LOL. Since I am 41 and an old married fat lady it seems strange to have tats. Especially when I take the kids swimming and there friends stare.
I tried to do your Kody Loves Randy hat and gave up. The sws I have has lumpy spots and I am not good with small needles.
You are so talented! How long have you been knitting? Must admit I am a bit envious of your skills....
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kody. I found your site by following a link with that cute and warm-looking bonnet you have. It looks like one I need for the weather right now. Thank you for this pattern. I'm a beginning knitter and it doesn't look too hard. :) Thank goodness.

Also, wow, Randy! Love your dreads! I may make myself one when my hair gets too thin, warm and looks like I've got hair too!

You've got some nice patterns here. Keep up the great job, Kody and Randy.

Unknown said...

Kody, your hat patterns are lovely--your a very talented designer so maybe you can help me. I've been spending days on the net looking for a really good "slouch hat" pattern (free) in worsted weight yarn. Have you ever thought of designing one? The only one I could find was too puny--it sat precariously on the back of the head and was flattened like a tam. I'd like one with a snug headband that blossoms really loose and drapes so that the slouch in the back kind of frames the face from behind the ears (if that makes any sense to you. I'd also love to find a free pattern (or a similar pattern)for the "raspberry beret" found in an old issue of "crochet today" and maybe a knitted version. It's gorgeous!