Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fancy Colors Headband Pattern

Fancy Colors Headband Pattern
I am growing my hair out and so I wanted to design some headbands. It is great for using up scraps as it uses very little of each color. Make one to warm your ears or just to wear as a hair accessory. Enjoy!


  • Size 8 Straight needles
  • Worsted Weight Yarn- (A) Maroon, (B) Mint, (C) Chocolate, (D) Pink (Carry strands up the side instead of cutting and rejoining)
  • Tapestry needle

Cast on 81 stitches with Color A and do 1" of K1, P1 Ribbing.

Color A: K2 Rows

Color B: *K1, Slip 1 with yarn in back* across row, Turn and repeat in opposite direction.

Color C: K2rows

Color D: K2, *Slip 1 with yarn in back, K1* ending K2. Turn and repeat in opposite direction.

Repeat these rows in this order 2 more times for a total of 3 times.
You can now tie off colors B,C, and D. With Color A do 1" or K1, P1 Ribbing.
Bind off in K1, P1 ribbing.
Sew up seam and enjoy.

NOTE: The wrong side of this pattern is also neat as it is striped.

Make one for yourself or a friend but do not sell them. If you want to Share the pattern please share the link and not the pattern itself.


NH Knitting Mama said...

What a great pattern! Thanks for sharing!

MLE said...

I love your creativity! Thanks for sharing and inspiring people like me =)

Anonymous said...

I love this - thanks for the pattern