Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"I'm Squared" Stash Busting Hat Pattern

"I'm Squared" Stash Busting Hat Pattern

Sorry I didn't get a better picture. I made up this pattern to use up some leftover yarn. I also wanted to try out this technique. In order to do this hat you will have to pick up stitches but only a few at a time making it fairly easy. You need far less than a ball of each color in order to complete this hat, in fact the blue is some soy wool left over from another one of my hat patterns. You may make this hat for yourself or a friend but please do not sell this hat unless 100% of the profits are going to charity. Instead of sharing the pattern itself please share the link. P.S. This hat is different from all my other hats in that it is knit top down instead of bottom up.

Materials Needed:

  • Scrap Worsted Weight Yarn in four colors ( I used Patons SWS in the light blue colorway{A}, Red Heart Worsted in Light Yellow {B}, Cotton Tots in Pink {C}, and Red Heart Soft in a Pastel Varigated {D})
  • Size 8 Knitting needles (your choice of circular or dpn, first part can be knit using straight needles)
  • Scrap yarn or stitch holders
  • A marker to mark beginning/end of round, Place when you begin to work circularly

Tapestry Needle

To Begin the Hat:
With Color A: Cast on 8 stitches and knit for 8 rows.

With Color B: Continue Knitting for 8 more rows, cut yarn leaving a tail and slip the 8 stitches to a stitch holder or waste yarn.

With Color B: Pick up 8 stitches along the cast on edge, and Knit for 8 row, cut yarn leaving a tail and slip the 8 stitches to a stitch holder or waste yarn.

With Color C: Pick up 12 stitches across one of the longer edges, 4 along color B, 4 along color A, 4 along the second section of B. Knit for 8 rows, cut yarn leaving a tail and slip the 8 stitches to a stitch holder or waster yarn. REPEAT THIS PROCESS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE TO CREATE A MIRROR IMAGE.

With Color D: Along the two side you did not work on in the previous 2 rows, Pick up and Knit 4 stitches in color C, Knit the 8 Yellow stitches from the stitch holder or waste yarn, Pick up and Knit 4 stitches in the second section of color C. Knit for 7 more rows. REPEAT THIS PROCESS ON THE OPPOSITE EDGE

With Color A: Starting from any exposed section of Color C, Pick up 5 stitches and knit along color D, Knit across the stitches on the stitch holder or waste yarn. Continue Picking up 5 stitches and knitting them along each section of color D, and knitting across the stitches on the waste yarn/stitch holders, until you get back to where you started.

Place a marker and begin working in the round. Still with Color A, Knit for 7 more rows.

With Color B: Knit 8 rows

With Color C: Knit 8 rows

With Color D: Knit 4 Rows, Purl 4 Rows. Cast off.

Weave in the ends and enjoy!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to comment to say thanks for all of the cool patterns.. I was roving around the web for some and when I found yours I about wore my printer out! I can't wait to knit these for my sisters.

Anonymous said...

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!^___^


Anonymous said...

hey, i notice it's been over a year since you last posted - so am taking a gamble that you may get this and return to ur wonderful blog! if you have time check out my blog, i knit hats for Save the CHildren and i'm definately considering your patterns. keep those needles clicking!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!
I was telling MysticStormy that I want to create a pattern to knitt a remote control as a toy (huge buttons, stuffed, etc.).
I started knitting about 2 years ago because my boyfriend is a remote control macho and I was bored to tears watching his westerns and action movies.I definitely will knitt your remote-control pouch because ours is also always stashed under the pillows. That is if I figure out how to knitt in English (I knitt English throwing style but with french instructions).
I totally agree with the fact that your patterns are your patterns, your ideas. So if I ever knitt the pouch, I will mention in my blog and in Ravelry that it is yours.
Take care.
Big hug from Switzerland.
WollyGrail, aka Stephanie

Anonymous said...

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