Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great Gifts for The Knitter On Your List Or Yourself

More Coming Soon...
Because I have found so many great gifts I am now going to put them into categories to make it easier.

$6- 24 KT Gold Plated Yarn and Needles Earrings

$7- Knitters Rings: These are super cute little rings with a picture of needles and yarn on them!

$12- Mix and Match Knitting Earrings : These earrings are super cute!

$14- Wire Knitting Needle and Yarn Earrings: Pretty much the only thing you can say about these is ADORABLE!!!! They are so darn cute!

$18- Boye Needle End Earrings: Cute.

$20- Knitting Charm Bracelet: Knitting and Jewelry? Who wouldn't want one of these?

Resin Swatch Necklace: A hand knit swatch forever in resin. She'll custom do one in your favorite color. Makes a really neat necklace.

$30- Needle Bracelet: One cool piece of jewelry. A knitting needle coilied into a bracelet.

$18-$19- YARRRN Pirate Knitting T-Shirt Suggested by a reader of this site this shirt is perfect for all you knitters out there who love the pirate knitting spirit.

$24- Sheep Christmas Tree Shirt: The front of the shirt features a christmas tree made of sheep but the back cracks me up by listing christmas colors with yarn color #'s.

Tools for Knitting and Knitting Kits:

$8- Wrist Yarn Holder: Made of Stainless steel, this device goes through a ball of yarn and conveniently attaches to your wrist so you'll never chase a yarn ball across the room again. Perfect for knitting on the go. Know a subway knitter? Perfect gift. Someone who has a hard time changing position or bending over to pick up dropped yarn? There are so many uses the recipient will surely thank you.

$10- WPI Tool: This'll come in handy. Use it to identify the guage and weight of yarns. Help yourself identify unmarked yarns.

$14- Strip It Fabric Stripper: Do you know a knitter who likes to try new things, recycle, or use animal friendly materials? This is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone. This ingenious little device cuts fabric into nice even strips to knit or crochet with! Many knitters and crocheters try to knit with fabric but find themselves frustrated with all the work it takes to get enough fabric cut to use. Give a gift that helps promote recycling!

$16- Knit-It Monkey Kit: Kit contains all you need to knit a stuffed monkey that wears a hat and scarf. Great for knitters of all ages. This also makes a great gift for a foreign exchange student or overseas pal as the instructions come in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.

$30- Yarn Mystery Box : Mary Maxim's Yarn Mystery Boxes are great!!! You easily get $60.00 worth of yarn that is usable and in big enough quantities to make large projects. You also get free patterns which can be completed with the yarn in the box or you can come up with your own uses!

$40- Ball Winder: A handy device which allows a person to turn yarn into a ball simply by turning a handle. Help tame the unruly yarn stash!


$3- Bumper Sticker: Says "He told me it was either him or knitting. I'm going to miss him"


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I saw some things I liked!

Lil Knitter said...

Thanks for this list....I found several things to add to my list. (For me!) lol
(lilknitter on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I sure love your blog. You are a wonderful knitter and I stop by every few days to see whats new. Can't wait to try some of your patterns. You inspire me!!!

yardsailor said...

Great gift list, thanks for putting it together.