Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Hat Pattern

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Hat Pattern
I love this movie and I finally got my mom to agree to take me to see the movie in 3D since Randy refuses to. I wanted to make a hat to wear to the movie, plus I can always use a Nightmare Before Christmas hat! Who can't? I am happy with how it came out. Make one for yourself or a friend but please don't sell these. If you want to share the pattern please share the link and not the pattern itself.

  • Size 8 needles
  • White worsted weight yarn (W)
  • Black worsted weight yarn (B)
  • Paper clips of yarn bobbins
  • Tapestry needle
  • 2 stitch markers or waste yarn

To Make This Hat:

Cast on 88 stitches with (W).

K1, P1 Ribbing for 2"

Stockinette stitch for about 1/4" ending after a purl row.

K24, Place Marker , K14, {Attach first yarn bobbin} (B) K8, (W) K18, Place Marker, K24.

From Here on in the pattern you will do stockinette stitch in white to the marker, slipping the marker then following the directions between the stars to the next marker, slipping second marker, and continuing in stockinette stitch in white thereafter.

Row 1: *(W) P14, (B) P4, (W) P8, {Attach second yarn bobbin) (B) P3, (W) To Marker [M].*

Row 2: *(W) K10, (B) K1, (W) K15, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 3: *(W) P11, (B) P2, (W) P17, (B) P3, (W) To [M].*

Row 4: *(W) K6, (B) K2, (W) K6, [Attach another Yarn Bobbin] (B) K11, (W) K4,(B) K2, (W) To [M].*

Row 5: *(W) P8, (B)P1, (W) P5, (B) P2, (W) P9, [Attach another Yarn Bobbin] (B) P3, (W) P6, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 6: *(W)K4, (B) K1, (W) K6, (B) K2, (W) K12, (B) K2, (W) K5, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 7: *(W) P6, (B) P1, (W) P3, (B) P3, (W) P15, (B) P2, (W) P5, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 8:*(W) K4, (B) K1, (W) K4, (B) K2, (W) K18, (B) K2, (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 9:* (W) P5, (B) P1, (W) P2, (B) P2, (W) P20, (B) P1 [Tie Off Black], (W) P5, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 10: * (W) K3, (B) K1, (W) K27, (B) K1, (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 11: * (W) P4, (B) P1, (W) P2, (B) P2, (W) P27, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 12: * (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) K18,[Attach Yarn Bobbin] (B) K4, (W) K7, (B) K1,(W) K2, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 13: * (W) P3, (B) P1, (W) P2, (B) P2, (W) P6, (B) P7, (W) P16, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 14: *(W) K2, (B) K1, (W) K15, (B) K8, (W) K7, (B) K1 [Tie Off Black], (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 15: * (W) P3, (B) P1, (W) P9, (B) P10, (W) P4, [Attach Yarn Bobbin] (B) P1, (W) P9, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 16: * (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) K7, (B) K1, (W) K1, (B) K1, (W) K4, (B) K10, (W) K9, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 17: * (W) P3, (B) P1, (W) P10, (B) P10, (W) P5, (B) P1 [Tie Off Black], (W) P7, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 18: * (W) K2, (B) K1, (W) K3,[Attach Yarn Bobbin] (B) K2, (W) K8, (B) K10, (W) K10, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 19: * (W) P3, (B) P1, (W) P10, (B) P10, (W) P7, (B) P4, (W) P2, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 20: * (W) K3, (B) K1, (W) K1, (B) K5, (W) K6, (B) K9, (W) K10, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 21: * (W) P4, (B) P1, (W) P11, (B) P8, (W) P6, (B) P5, (W) P1, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 22: * (W) K3, (B) K1, (W) K1, (B) K6, (W) K5, (B) K8, (W) K11, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 23: * (W) P5, (B) P1, (W) P11, (B) P6, (W) P6, (B) P6, (W) P1, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 24: * (W) K3, (B) K1, (W) K2, (B) K5, (W) K8, (B) K2[Tie Off Black], (W) K13, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 25: * (W) P5, (B) P1, (W) P23, (B) P5, (W) P1, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 26: * (W) K4, (B) K1, (W) K1, (B) K5, (W) K23, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 27: * (W) P6, (B) P1, (W) P23, (B) P4, (W) P1, (B) P1
, (W) To [M].*

Row 28: * (W) K4, (B) K1, (W) K2, (B) K3 [Tie Off Black], (W) K23, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 29: * (W) P7, (B) P1, (W) P26, (B) P1, (W) To [M].*

Row 30: * (W) K6, (B) K1, (W) K24, (B) K1, (W) To [M].*

Row 31: * (W) P8, (B) P1, (W) P22, (B) P2, (W) To [M].*

Row 32: * (W) K9, (B) P3, (W) P17, (B) P2, (W) To [M].*

Row 33: * (W) P11, (B) P3 [Tie Off Black], (W) P11, (B) P3, (W) To [M].*

Row 34: * (W) K15, (B) K11 [Tie Off Black], (W) To [M].*

Continue with white in stockinette stitch until hat is desired length and bind off. Sew up back seam and center in back. Sew Top Seam. Add tassels. Embroider the stitches in black that sew Jack's mouth shut. This is an important detail that makes the hat. Weave in Ends and Enjoy!!!!


Nicole said...

Cool hat! Is there a chart for this pattern?

Kody May said...

Sorry but no. Every chart I've ever posted someone has ripped off and claimed as their own. I write it out so if they rip off the work it's at least a pain in the ass.

Miss Becca said...

OMG this is so freaking awesome! Do you think this could work as a round hat? I love it as is though! As always- amazing work!

Kody May said...

Yeah you could do it in the round it just makes the colorchanges more of a pain.

Veronica said...

So cool! thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

My chiropractor wants a hat with a vertebra on it (go figure). Anyway, from seeing your previous skill, I figured, you, of all people could figure it out. If you could somehow design that, I am happy to pay you for your trouble.
I love your things!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I love your designs. My chiropractor wants a hat with a vertebra on it. You are the only person I know of that could possibly get this done. If you could work out a design for me, I would be ever so grateful. Also, I'm happy to pay for it.
Fellow knit wit,

Kody May said...

Email me with your email address and let me know whether you would like the pattern for in the round or back and forth. You'll find my email in the header at the top of the page or under the mailing list link.

Becca said...

I'm thinking about making this for my husband...but he has a large head. Would you recommending adding more width or heighth for a larger-headed man? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to knit this as a purse and felt it. Then I'm going to knit it into a sweater. Then I'm going to put it on a scarf... afghan... earmuffs....

Anonymous said...

i would like to make this as a baby hat. could you tell me how to scale it down for that?

Kody May said...

it would be a stretch to scale it down for a baby. You would probably have to completely change the graph, unless you did it with fingering weight and small needles. I would do a guage swatch and see if that's going to produce the size hat you need. Let me know if you decide to try how it works out.

Anonymous said...

I would greatly appreciate this pattern!!! I have soooo many friend swho love Jack!!!
Thank You soooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing pattern , ive been trying to find something to make for my best friends for christmas and i believe i just found it . she loves those movies . thank you so much im bookmarking you , youre a genius !

Victoria Cooke said...

Hi, I want to make this for my 7 year old nephew. Do you have the pattern in a child size or advice on how to adjust it?
Thanks in advance, Victoria