Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mother Breastfeeding Child

This chart was created by me and cannot be posted on any other site or image server. Representing this chart as your own is considered theft. While this chart can be used for many things, below you will find a link for making this chart into a hat.
Generic Hat Pattern For Charts Round Top
Generic Hat Pattern For Charts Flat Top


Anonymous said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS ONE??? HOW DID ALL MY FRIENDS WHO NURSE THEIR KIDS AND KNIT MISS THIS ONE??? Thank you so much from a breastfeeding mom! Requesting permission to make and sell items w/ this pattern to benefit organizations like La Leche League, Int'nat'l, Holistic Moms, FirstRight and other breastfeeding task forces?

And if you and hubby have kids, I'd be more than happy to lend all the support I can to help you nurse.

Anonymous said...

wow!! thank you for this chart!! seriously i have not seen one like this yet. as a nursing mom/vet. of 3 i'm looking very much forward to making this as a crocheted nursing cover.