Friday, May 09, 2008

Love Silhouette Chart

This would make a gorgeous purse!

This chart was created by me and cannot be posted on any other site or image server. Representing this chart as your own is considered theft. While this chart can be used for many things, below you will find a link for making this chart into a hat.
Generic Hat Pattern For Charts Round Top
Generic Hat Pattern For Charts Flat Top


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your designs! I've been telling my friends, "Oh, this is a Kody May design." I know, geek. You're doing a great job.

With this Chart, the hairs and the ponytail came out awesome, but the single stitch for the female's nose could have been left off. The guy's head isn't exactly round, so this would have to be framed with the darker color.

Love It!

PS - If you clock on the URL, you should be able to see the finished design. There's also your long stem flower design on there.

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