Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nautical Star Charts

Nautical Star Chart

I was watching an episode of Tila Tequila (the one where they can get a tattoo or piercing, walk on broken glass etc. to prove their love to Tila) and one of the girls chose to get a star to match the Nautical stars Tila has tattooed on her wrists and I thought that would be cool to knit on a hat! So here they are!!

These charts were created by me and cannot be posted on any other site or image server. Representing these charts as your own is considered theft.


Kim said...

Thank you so much. I just happened upon your site after one quick search on raverly for a nautical star. I couldn't believe when I saw your name is Kody. I am making a nautical star knit hat for my son Kody. And her I thought I was so original naming him. lol. Have a beautiful day and thank you again for sharing the star. :0)
Isabella929 on Ravelry

Murielle aka Salem said...

Awesome charts! Thank you for sharing them. I'm planning to make something with a star on it and I thought I would do a search for knitted star patterns in chart form before I wracked my brain trying to make one myself. This is going to look SO cool!

Cr0chetAdd1ct on Ravelry

Paloma said...

Nice pattern. I think if its a tattoo it would be certainly cute! I love star figures. Thanks.

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