Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vertebra Hat

This pattern was made by me for someone requesting a pattern for a vertebra hat for their chiropractor. I have had it for a very long time and never posted it but there may be someone else out there who wants a hat with a chunk of spine on it, so here it is.

You will need worsted weight yarn in three colors, Black, White, and a Background color (I would recommend a light color for the background color so the black and white stands out against it)
Size 8 circulars and/or dpns
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
3 stitch markers or waste yarn (2 of one color and 1 of another)

With Background color cast on 88 stitches and join in the round, marking with the stitch marker that you only have 1 of. Do about 1" of K1 P1 ribbing.
Do 2 rows straight knitting on the second row place your markers as follows K29 , PM, K30 , PM, K29

In the following pattern rows with the background color you will knit from the joining marker to the first stitch marker (i.e. knit the first 29 stitches) slip the marker, and follow the row instructions between the markers, slip the second marker and knit the remaining stitches in the background color. Because you are working in the round it will be implied that all stitches are knit. Colors will be indicated by M for Main or Background color, B for Black and W for white.

Row 1: M15, B2, M13
Row 2: M13, B2, W2, B1, M12
Row 3: M12, B1, W5, B1, M11
Row 4: Same as Row 3
Row 5: M7, B6, W5, B6, M6
Row 6: M7, B1, W15, B2, M5
Row 7: Same as Row 6
Row 8: M6, B1, W7, B2, W8, B6
Row 9: M2, B5, W6, B4, W11, B2
Row 10: M1, B1, W11, B1, W2, B1, W11, B2
Row 11: Same as Row 10
Row 12: M1, B1, W10, B2, W2, B2, W6, B5, M1
Row 13: M1, B6, W5, B2, W2, B2, W5, B2, M5
Row 14: M6, B1, W5, B2, W2, B2, W5, B2, M5
Row 15: M6, B1, W1, B5, W4, B3, W2, B3, M5
Row 16: M6, B6, W6, B5, M7
Row 17: M6, B2, W15, B1, M6
Row 18: M6, B1, W16, B1, M6
Row 19: Same as Row 18
Row 20: M1, B2, M3, B1, W16, B1, M6
Row 21: M1, B1, W1, B4, W16, B7
Row 22: B1, W28, B1
Row 23: B1, W12, B1, W15, B1
Row 24: B1, W11, B4, W6, B3, W4, B1
Row 25: B5, W7, B1, W1, B2, W6, B1, M1, B5, M1
Row 26: M1, B5, W6, B1, W1, B2, W6, B1, M7
Row 27: M6, B7, W2, B1, W1, B6, M7
Row 28: M7, B1, W2, B2, W3, B7, M8
Row 29: M6, B1, W9, B1, W4, B2, M7
Row 30: M6, B1, W14, B2, M7
Row 31: M2, B2, M2, B1, W14, B2, M3, B3, M1
Row 32: M1, B1, W2, B2, W6, B4, W5, B5, W2, B1, M1
Row 33: M1, B1, W10, B4, W12, B1, M1
Row 34: M1, B1, W9, B2, M2, B1, W4, B3, W4, B1, M2
Row 35: M1, B4, W6, B2, M2, B1, W4, B1, K1, B1, W4, B1, M2
Row 36: M5, B3, W2, B1, M4, B6, M2, B4, M3
Row 37: M7, B4, M7, B3, M9

Continue Knitting with background color until hat is desired length and then begin the decrease rounds switching to dpn's as necessary.

DR1: *K9, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR2: *K8, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR3: *K7, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR4: *K6, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR5: *K5, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR6: *K4, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR7: *K3, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR8: *K2, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR9: *K1, K2tog* Repeat from * to *
DR10: K2tog across

Break off yarn leaving long enough tail to draw through remaining stitches and pull up tight. Weave in all ends.


Vallieskids said...

Sweet, I like it!

Anonymous said...

This was kindly designed for me! And it was a HUGE hit with the chiro. Thanks again Kody-you are da bomb.

ontheriseagain said...

thank you for the pattern... i was looking for a plain hat with stockinette stitch and this fit the bill ... i did not use the colors, just knit plain...

nice ... thanks for the listing...

Anonymous said...

What multi color technique would you use to knit this?

Kody May said...

Intarsia. If you wanted you could just do the white and grey then duplicate stitch the black. Or do it all in intarsia. Good luck

Anonymous said...

i think you want vertebrae. Right now it sounds like it could be a hat or a bra. Warm ears or warm nipples?

Carmi said...

Hi~ I like this design a lot. Can you also make Hello kitty design out of it? Thank you so much.
Keep it up,

Carmi from blouson cuir moto 

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