Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Phoenix Hat Pattern

The Phoenix Hat Pattern (Knit On 2 Needles)
Finally it is here!!! A new hat for a new start in my life. No long explanations for this one.

Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Terracotta)
Size 8 Needles
2 stitch markers for brim
Plastic canvas to put into brim
Tapestry Needle

Cast On 80 stitches
Do 1-1.5" K1, P1 ribbing
Next Row: (Increase 1 in 1st [next] stitch, Purl 12) Repeat 6 times, ending P2.
The last Row counts as first row 1 of pattern rows. So begin with row two and repeat to desired length ending after a row 4.

Pattern Rows:
R1: Purl
R2: K1 *K3, yo, sl1-K2tog-psso, yo* end K1.
R3: Purl
R4: K1 *yo, sl1-K2tog-psso, yo, K3* end K1.

Begin Decrease Rows
D1: Purl entire row
D2: K1 *K3, yo, sl1-K2tog-psso* repeat from * to * ending K1 (72 sts)
D3: Purl
D4: K1 *Sl1-K2tog-psso, yo, K3* repeat from * to * ending last repeat K2 instead of K3 (60 sts)
D5: Purl
D6: *K8, K2tog* repeat from * to *.
D7: *P7, P2tog* repeat from * to *.
D8: *K6, K2tog* repeat from * to *.
D9: *P5, P2tog* repeat from * to *.
D10: *K4, K2tog* repeat from * to *.
D11: *P3, P2tog* repeat from * to *.
D12: *K2, K2tog* repeat from * to *.
D13: *P1, P2tog* repeat from * to *.
D14: K2tog across
D15: P2tog across

Cut yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew up seam. Thread tail through remaining stitches and pull up tight then sew up the side seam. Weave in ends.

Brim: Pick up 7 stitches.
K1 row.
Next Row: P2, PM, M1, P3, M1, PM, P2, Pick up 2 more stitches
RS:K to end of row, Pick up 2 stitches.
WS: Purl to Marker, Slip Marker, Inc1, Purl to Marker, Inc1, Slip Marker, Purl to end, and Pick up 2 stitches.
Repeat last two rows until you have 10 stitches, Marker, 11 stitches, Marker, 10 stitches. You will be finishing after a knit row.
Turning row: Knit across.
RS: Bind off 2 sts slipping the first stitch instead of knitting it before binding off, Knit to end.
WS: Bind off 2 sts slipping the first stitch instead of knitting it before binding off, Knit to marker, Slip Marker, P2 tog, Purl to 2 stitches before marker, P2tog, Slip Marker, Purl to end.
Repeat last two rows until you get back to your original 7 stitches and cast off.
Cut a brim shape out of the plastic canvas slightly larger than the knitted brim so that it stays taught. Put inside the brim pocket you just knit and sew the pocket together so that the plastic canvas is concealed.

Happy Knitting. Please remember you can make one for yourself or a friend but please do not sell hats made from the pattern. If you would like to share the pattern please share the link and not the pattern itself. This pattern cannot be posted on any other site.


Anonymous said...

What a cute hat! I am so happy you share your patterns with everyone. I miss reading about you on your but you look happy and even mischievous on the bottom picture. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

Anonymous said...

I miss reading about you on your BLOG but you look happy and even mischievous on the bottom

Sometimes my brain goes faster than my fingers! said...

What happened to your personal blog? I enjoyed following your journey! Did you cut your hair? Fill us all in, don't leave us hanging!?

peggy said...

hi kody,

i.m the one who sent you the picture of the rose hat from your graphic.

apparently i have to be invited to your personal blog. please.


Kody May said...

it's set to private so only I can view it because of things with Randy. Once I am able to get the time to remove prior entries and reformat some of the pictures captions and titles on this site I will have it back up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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