Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hey everyone.
You may have noticed my personal blog is down. This is due to some drastic changes in my life. Here are some of the ways you can contact me online though.
New Email: username: Kodymayknits
Facebook: Kody Moore

You may have noticed you can now reach my site by going to

I will be trying to get a new pattern on here very soon and when I do all of those who are on the mailing list will recieve an email. Also if there are any requests for any charts you would like me to attempt to create feel free to email me.
Take Care and Happy Knitting!


Kody May said...

You can now also follow me on under kodymayknits

Jean said...

Good to see you back to designing! Take care of yourself dear, are you keeping up on working out? The endophins I get helps to elevate my mood and I know it helps me.

Kody May said...

I'm still working out but not as much this past week. I need to get back on it because I feel better when I do it. Hopefully by thursday I'll have the new pattern up. It will actually probably be two patterns. A flat knitted version and an in the round version. Take Care. Kody May

Anonymous said...

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